Experience activities

From an action organized in Ústecký region you may carry off very remarkable even adrenalin experience that will interestingly enrich your programme.  All participants and organizers of conferences, on-the-job trainings, firm and event actions may choose and try various activities.


To the Central Bohemian Uplands for the wine – Roudnice nad Labem

Lobkowicz Winery – award-winning wine tasting in the atmosphere of historical wine cellars – a tour around the winery with a 400-years tradition located in a Romanesque castle – traditional refreshments.


To the Central Bohemian Uplands for the wine – Třebívlice

Třebívlice – Johann W Winery – sight-seeing programme WINE ROAD which takes you to the most modern winery in the Czech Republic – professional tasting, production tours, vineyards, accompanying competitions in saccharification and corking, grape harvesting and catering.


Terezín – the town of change

Discover the town of Terezin as a unique historic water and functional fortress – why and how did the fortress arise, how it was built and what was living in it like? Take the historical lanterns and venture out to explore the unique fortification and its underground corridors.
Retranchement 5 – the first Terezin Museum dealing with the history of the town and the fortress from the foundation to the period of the First Republic / Exposition of the Barracks – takes you through the life of a soldier in the fortress of the second half of the 18th century / Museum of Franz Joseph – in the artillery barracks you will find 2000 objects related to his person.


Adrenaline on the secured paths of the Elbe Sandstones

Děčín’s Pastýřská Wall is the longest ferrata (secured path) to the top of the sandstone wall in the Czech Republic, which at the same time offers the greatest number of ways in which to climb the wall. It is also the only ferrata located in the city center. There are 14 levels of difficulty and both amateur and experienced climbers can enjoy the path.
Tip: It is suitable to be combined with rafting on the Elbe River or cycling along the Elbe Route for a day-long entertainment program.
www.enthusia.cz / www.hotrock.cz / www.zahranice.com


Discover the secrets of hop growing and brewing good beer

The Temple of Hop and Beer – an entertaining and educational complex, offers an adventurous sightseeing tour: excursion to the Hop Lighthouse, which is unique for its 3D animation in the lift taking you up to the Hop Lighthouse – the Beer Labyrinth / Hope Lamb Maze – the Hall of Arms and Hop Astronomical Clock. The tour is finished by a local microbrewery beer tasting in an ancient restaurant built from a former hop store U Orloje.


Contrasts and stories of industrial and wild landscape

Expeditions through the industrial and wild lands of the northwestern Bohemia. You will experience the enchanting Ore Mountains intersected by arches, the tertiary volcanoes of the Bohemian Central Uplands, the stratospulcans of the Doupov Mountains and the Most coal basin full of giant surface mines and chemical industry.
You will learn about the history and present of the most dynamic region in Europe in an adventurous way.



Cycling path Ohře

Anybody can experience a picturesque ride along river Ohře as stretching, trip or training. You can make many touristic trips around the cycling path.


Arterial road in Ore Mountains

All over Ore Mountains there is 242 km long path suitable for cycling, hiking or cross-country skiing trips. You can make may touristic trips around the cycling path.


Cycling path Labe

For a trip along a well-known cycling path along the river Labe you may use a road bike, trekking bike or electrobike. From the cycling path you can make a lot of touristic trips all around.
Rental of bikes, electric bikes or scooters available.


Cycle track Ploučnice

It belongs among four main cycle tracks in Ústecký region and it has more than a regional character because it connects Ústecký and Liberecký region.


Trips by boat and train

Museum railway in Žernoseky

You'll experience original ride by historical train from Ústí nad Labem to marvellous rural open-air folk museum Zubrnice and back.


Labská nautical

Try a unique ship navigation connected with a social event on the river Labe and enjoy a marvellous natural panorama Porta Bohemica between Ústí nad Labem and Litoměřice or views of dominant features in Bohemian Switzerland from Děčín to Hřensko or Bad Schandau and Dresden. Ships Bohemia DC (300 seats), ship Poseidon (250 seats), ship Ústí nad Labem (150 seats) offer excellent service.


Ship Marie

Firm closed corporation event on the ship Marie through the attractive valley of Labe with a maximum capacity of 35 people.


Wine growing and gustation of wines

Wine growing and Fruit ranch, Březno by Chomutov

Taste wine of two strains Kerner and Müller Thurgau or fresh fruit from Fruit ranch.


Wine growing Mikulášek, Březno by Chomutov

Gustation in purely family wine growing.


Karfík's Yard Kaštice

Gustation of natural products such as home-made musts, fruit spirits, beer distilled liquors or mead connected with an offer of cosmetics or rehabilitation outpatients'.


Lobkowicz chateau wine growing Roudnice nad Labem, l.l.c.

In the chateau underground there are wine cellars of Lobkowicz chateau wine growing. The wine is grown on a family vineyard for more than 400 years and the wine growing in Roudnice today produces wines of the highest quality.


Žernosecké wine growing, l.l.c. Velké Žernoseky

Tour through newly reconstructed area of wine growing including chateau offers gustations of wines, firm meetings and other social events for people interested in Czech wines from Velké Žernoseky.


Chateau wine growing Třebívlice, l.l.c.

Complete wine growing services such as sitting in wine bar, gustation room with a projection and two restaurants with a dance hall including own excellent catering.


Cloistral wine cellars Litoměřice

A tour of the operating winegrowing and wine cellar with a degustation. Trademark wine Radobýl is a tradition holder of the close hill Radobýl.


Bohemian wine growing Chrámce

Vineyards around Most grace the landscape and in the local wines you may recognize a piece of hard work and wine-grower’s heart. All the wines are regularly awarded on wine growing displays.


Bike and wine

Cycling along Labe, city cableway ride and wine degustation in historical vault from the 13th century in Žernoseky.


Brewing and beer excursions

Temple of Hops and Beer, Malt-house Žatec

Reveal the mystery of hop growing and brewing of good beer in reconstructed area of Temple of Hops and Beer and Malt-house in Žatec.


Brewery Žatec

Excursion through traditional producer of Czech beer of light lager type since 2nd half of 19th century.


Mini brewery Chalupník Perštejn

Visit of family brewery Chalupník with gustation in picturesque environment next to historical castle Perštejn.


Brewery Hotel Na Rychtě

Traditional atmosphere of old Czech pub with an offer of gastro specialties and gustation of unfiltered beers you may experience in well-known mini brewery Na Rychtě in Ústí nad Labem.


Mini brewery Kocour

Mini brewery Kocour in Varnsdorf is very innovative and it offers many special kinds of beer and even its own e-shop.


Minibrewery Kahan

Minibrewery in Most is situated in unusual spaces of historical building of first modern cinema Kosmos in Most.


Lounský beer mug

It is a follow-up to a rich tradition of beer brewing in Louny and history of the building Domov (Home) in which it is located. Join the tradition with a history.


Brewery Děčín

Connection of traditional Czech restaurant and excellent beer and beer specials from the minibrewery Děčín. A possibility of an excursion to the brewery, social events in period halls, accompanying events.


Křinický brewery in Krásná Lípa

Enjoy quality beer and atmosphere of Bohemian Switzerland!


Labské and Českosaské sandstones

Pravčická arch and passes of river Kamenice

Absolutely unique, the biggest sandstone bridge in Europe "Pravčická arch“ and flatboat cruise through passes of river Kamenice. Landscape matches up with surrounding hills, dominating Růžovský vrch (Pink hill) stands close to rock area. It is also called „Fudžijama in Děčín“.


Boats in passes of river Křinice

By touristic train of historical railway to Mikulášovice, then outlook tower Weifberg, to Hinterhermsdorf, Sächsisch resort with unique  special rural houses, to a pass of Křinice right on the border on boats like in Hřensko.


On rock ledges

Route on unforgettable wooden footpaths through mysterious labyrinth of sandstones towers and rock-faces. On rock ledges and iron ladders to the very top of scraggy rock massif Schrammsteine.


The most beautiful views of Bohemian-sächsisch Switzerland

During one day we'll together visit the most beautiful and the most frequented touristic sites of Bohemian-sächsisch Switzerland.


By tram to rocks

Rise full of remarkable views and interesting routes such as rock gaps, narrow stairs, climbing irons and ladders with fantastic views of Labe valley. It is possible to travel by train, ferry and tram on the railway from 1898.



Every year several photo-workshops on different topics take place in Bohemian Switzerland.


Rock towns Tisá

Touristic route through the rock town next to village Tisá runs through a labyrinth of sandstone towers and rock-faces about 70 m tall. You'll experience the atmosphere of a climbing paradise in Small and Big rock-faces.


Rafting on Labe river and cycling along Labe river

Discover the landscape of unique Labský canyon through rafting and cycling. Enjoy and find out many interesting things from a rafting guide and on the way back enjoy comfortable cycling along the river.


Historical tours

Monument Terezín and Ghetto Museum

You'll visit a unique place of its kind in the Czech Republic that is set as a memorable place for victims of racial and political persecution during 2nd world war.


Castle Litoměřice, Mácha's room and exposition of wine growing

Tour of a gothic castle, a room, where Mácha spent his last two years of life and interesting exposition of wine growing along Labe.


Memorial of Přemysl Oráč, Stadice

You'll visit a historical monument of a mythy founder of Přemyslovci dynasty.


Lobkowicz chateau and Romanesque castle, Roudnice nad Labem

Historical tour of Lobkowicz chateau and Romanesque castle may be joined together with a gustation of excellent wines from Roudnice.


Hill Říp

You'll rise on the renowned hill Říp with a historical rotunda of St George.


Castle Střekov-a ruin of Artists

You'll discover majestic fortifications of historical castle that towers above the river Labe when driving to Ústí nad Labem.


Historical Kadaň

You'll visit historical gothic castle and city centre that is a preserve, walk through Katova alley and rise on a townhall tower.


Hop-growing museum Žatec

You'll see the biggest exposition of its kind in the world. In the area of 4.000 m2 you'll be acquainted with the development of hop-growing from early middle ages.


Temple of St Nicholas Louny

You'll climb on a pedestrian gallery of a church tower that is one of the supreme works of Czech late Gothic and a dominant feature and falunt of the town. It was proclaimed as National historic landmark in 1994.


Franciscan cloister Kadaň

It si the most valuable historical sight in Kadaň with history going back to 1470. There is also a beautiful garden and exposition.


Adit Starý Martin in Krupka

Historic landmark – adit that has opened one of the richest ore veins – ore vein Lukáš.


Adit The Promised land Mědník

Excursion to one of the oldest adits; its origin goes back towards the close of middle ages of ore mining - sulphides inMědník (Měděnec).


Adit Mikulov

The most extensive mine complex in the region, historic landmark and prize holder of Český Permon 2015.


Miner´s open-air folk museum Kopisty

Unique technical museum built in the area of once underground mine Julius III that will show you history of coal mining and processing in the centre of North Bohemian brown coal basin.


Castle Hazmburk

If we regard Milešovka as a queen of Central Bohemian Uplands, then only Hazmburk must be the king. Explore the ancient ruins of the castle.


Jirkovské city historical cellars

850 metres long route guides visitors through the long sandstone cellars.


Cistercian cloister in Osek

The cloister belongs to Congregation of the Purest heart of Mary. This Congregation is headed by Cisterian cloister Sostrup in Denmark.


Chateau Libochovice

One of the most significant early baroque buildings that is found in the picturesque landscape of Central Bohemian Uplands.


Chateau Benešov nad Ploučnicí

It is a very significant complex of two separated chateau units – Upper and Lower chateau including an adjacent presbytery church Birth of Mary. All the three buildings are connected by a spirit of German renaissance that was created here by the Meissen family of Salhausen.


City tour of Děčín and chateau baroque treasures

Do you know where in Děčín you´ll find a deer with a fiery cross on the forehead, a place for 2000 kinds of roses, the oldest hydrograph in Europe, statues similar to those on Charles Bridge in Prague or that Tyrš is almost like Jára Cimrman?
During a city tour of historical Děčín with tour guides you´ll take a look inside contemporary city life.


Chateau Ploskovice

You'll absorb the beauty of a state-owned chateau Ploskovice that often belongs to aims for weddings of famous personalities and celebrities.


Chateau Jezeří

One of the most interesting buildings of the Czech Republic - in the past a pretentious cultural and social residence of the family of Lobkowicz.


Castle Rýzmburk Osek

Castle Osek (Rýzmburk, Riesenburg, Rysenburch) belongs to the most interesting and the least reconstructed medieval monuments.


Zámek Valdštejnů Litvínov

Patří k nejstarším památkám města Litvínova a slouží k výstavním, komerčním a reprezentativním účelm.


Trade crafts and traditions

Complex of folk architecture Zubrnice

You'll walk through an ancient village, houses and interior residential spaces that are gorgeously reconstructed so they look like in the past.


Archeological open-air folk museum Březno u Loun

Unique complex of reconstructed prehistoric and medieval dwellings and technological facilities incurred as a result of long-time expert archeological experiment.


Countryside Museum Peruc

Museum is located in a reconstructed granary from 18th century and it shows to next generations how people used to live in the past in the Czech countryside and what things, tools and machines were used.


Open-air folk museum Stará Ves

Open-air folk museum representing typical elements of a village in Ore Mountains in the middle of the zoopark nature reserve in Chomutov.


World famous toy-making in Nová Ves in Hory

The toy-making in Nová Ves has a long tradition of 124 years and it is focused on wooden toys. Nowadays it has a patent for many publicly well-known trademarks.


Golf courses

Golf Resort Ústí nad Labem (course Terasy)

18-hole with a pleasant restaurant and views all around is located to the very periphery of Ústí nad Labem.


Golf Area Janov

9-hole course, natural course with an exceptional scenery of sandstone rocks of Bohemian Switzerland.


Golf Club Teplice

9 holes, Ore Mountains - Cínovec, the most highly situated course in the Czech Republic.


Golf Club Libouchec

9-hole public coarse, to use this course is not conditioned by neither Green card nor any other golf skill. The coarse is sensitively placed in the nature reserve Labské sandtones. 


Golf Bítozeves

9-hole modern course by Louny situated in a picturesque valley of the rivulet Chomutovka.


Golf Krásný Dvůr

6-hole chateau course in chateau gardens Krásný Dvůr.


Golf Club Most

9-hole golf course is situated in a pleasant and quiet place of the reclaimed landscape that with its slightly undulating terrain reminds of the typical atmosphere of Scottish links.


Golf Resort Barbora

18-hole attractive golf course and training area with a very varied composition of holes, undulating terrain and various flora.


Golf Kotlina Terezín

9-hole golf course with a surprising accessibility and adequately long holes.


Adrenalin sports

Paragliding – Raná

You'll experience remarkable paragliding experiences in sports area Raná, where you can also try some other flying activities.


Cardrome Most

You can have first-hand experience of training skids and fast curves in well-known motor centre in Most for public and also privately.


Hippodrome Most

Do you like horse and horse riding? Race and rider's area offers all sorts of services for public and private persons as well.


Paintbal Vilémov

You'll try combat positions, attack and defeat in natural paintball centre.


Sports centre Račice, s.c.

Rowing centre of world format and sports area by Roudnice nad Labem offer all sorts of sports activities for private and public actions.


Snowtubing and snowkiting Klínovec

Will you fly over plains in Ore Mountains like a wind either skiing or as a matter of interest in summer or winter with a small parachute that you handle yourself?! Experience new and popular sport in Boží Dar or in  Abrtamy.
Kite school & centre & rental: www.kite-skola.cz
Kite training courses & actions: www.kite-kurzy.cz or kite-centrum-abertamy.cz


Coaly safari

Undergo an unusual experience and visit unique technical pieces of work in mining localities and undertake an excursion to mining localities (quarries) during operating mine and also recultivations.


Březenský dragon

You'll have a chance to see closely a giant excavator KU 800, which worked in mines Nástup Tušimice over 30 years - so-called Březenský dragon. It is a unique and sought-after attraction that is visited by people from all over the Czech Republic. Mine giant is as tall as a city tower in Chomutov and it weighs like 17 fully loaded airplanes.


Armoured vehicle rides Teplice

Try the infantry armoured vehicle and enjoy a ride full of adrenaline with BVP-1. You´ll be like on a battlefield.


Follow a track of the Second World War in Most

Industriial and fascinating off-the-road van rides through coaly Mostecko.


Czech Switzerland

Experiences and guided tours, individual programs and courses for the general public in Bohemian Switzerland - golf, riding their bikes and electric bikes, nordic walking and running, yoga. In winter, snowshoeing.



Enjoy a rafting trip on Labe from Ústí nad Labem to Pirna on an inflatable boat and combine individual legs with cycling along Labe.


Downhill cycling Klínovec

Adrenaline, fun, speed and surpassing yourself. That´s what you can expect during 2,5 – 15 km downhill mountain biking.


Mountain scooters Klíny

Exchange a bike for a scooter and try to go down the steep hill, get across stony terrain or forests paths with stones.


Off-the-road scooters Bouřňák

For less demanding riders. Ride downhill the ski slope v Údolíčku approx. 500 m from the main ski lift.


Bungee Jumping Chomutov

A jump from the bridge 62 metres high above the Hačka river valley, is nowadays the highest bridge in the Czech Republic, where you can try Bungee Jumping and Kiene Swing.


SKYWALKERS – Tandem skydive

For lovers of adrenalin experiences the tandem skydive presents a unique possibility how to make your dreams come true – to connect adrenalin with a jump from a plane at a height of 4000 m.



It si a technical, competitive and first of all addictive game that mixes passion and strength of football with elegance and tradition of golf determined for all age groups.



Spa Teplice – Teplice in Bohemia

The oldest spa in Central Europe with history going back to 12th century with unique thermal water of hydrogen-carbonate-sulphur-sodium type with a rich content of minerals and admixture of radon. Spa are specialized in treatment of locomotive organs, but they even run many wellness and balneo procedures. They are located in the very centre of cultural town Teplice.


Mšené spa – by Litoměřice

Historical area of family spa in Mšené is located in a picturesque valley of Mšenský creek, only 45 km from Prague. Spa is visited by demanding clients searching for treatment of locomotive organs, but first of all well-being, rest and peace in newly reconstructed Balneo operation.


Spa Dubí – Dubí by Teplice

History of Theresa's spa goes back to 1870. All that time it serves as a hydrotherapeutic institution, completely barrier-free. Spa owns 3-hectare forest park, place where you can subathe, tennis court, minigolf course and outdoor warmed swimming pool.


Spa Evženie - Klášterec nad Ohří

Spa Evženie is situated in the centre among natural dominants - chateau park, spa park and castle ruin Šumná. Spa offers a wide balneo programme, galvanisms, massages, wellness programmes. There is also a colonnade, tennis courts or bottler of mineral water.




Climbing actions such as via ferrata on sandstones rocks and safe routes in Bohemian-sächsisch Switzerland and Lužické mountains or right in Děčín on the Pastýřská rock face.

http://www.enthusia.cz/zajezdy1 - with a guide through a secure track „Do nebíčka“ (To heaven)


Climbing centre Jirkov

It offers new spaces of an extensive climbing rock face both for climbing and seminars or lectures.


Hudy rock face in Vaňov in Ústí nad Labem

It offers 1750 metres vertical sports field, where you can enjoy organized climbing, course, lecture, but also private or firm event or party.


Climber‘s rock face Klíny

The sport area Klíny offers wide possibilities of sport indoor and outdoor activities as well as a climber’s rock face.


Ice climbing Telnice

Try the lessons of climbing on the artificial icefall and experience the nature from its cold side.